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Legend of Zelda by NIDO / Blog


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Acoustic Levitation

At the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory, scientists have been experimenting with sound waves and pharmaceutical solutions, levitating soluble drops between two speakers facing each other. While their research has produced some visually fascinating results, it has also led to the discovery of a far more effective method for creating amorphous drugs, which happen to be the more desirable of two forms that pharmaceutical drugs can take.Watch Video Here. 

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The Gadsar, Nahal’s Elite Unit, concluded their 16 month course with a final, challenging exercise. From storming and capturing hills, to a 15km trek throughout the night, the soldiers completed the course. At the concluding ceremony, the soldiers were awarded with their combat wing pins.

Photo by Cpl. Zev Marmorstein, IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

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Nam June Paik - TV Buddha, 1974

Nam June Paik - TV Buddha, 1974

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The Mask (1994)


The Mask (1994)

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